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the stone protective agent and the matters needing attention
publishers: webmaster    news source:    release date :2013-3-12
the correct selection of stone protective agent is one of critical factors that guarantee stone maintenance engineering quality. each stone protective agent are not universal, its performance is mainly manifested in the general applicability, is effective for most stone. but on the other hand, each product has its particularity, namely to certain ( some ) performance is particularly good or poor performance or even invalid. based on this, we in the selection of stone protective agent, according to different varieties of stone, made the right choice in a different environment, different installation process as well as different protection requirements.

application of stone protective agent in the decoration engineering, more and more attention by the people. it is used for stone decoration engineering into a new level of technology, it can effectively avoid or reduce the occurrence of stone diseases, prevent water spot, bai hua, alkaline, rust and other stone disease. how to correctly choose and use of stone protective agent is the key stone protection.

select the stone protective agent needs advocating such a principle : the choice of protective agent scientific, reasonable and proper use of protective agent is indispensable for. how to do this principle, we should know the classification of protective agent. according to the requirement of our project, the protective agent is divided into: 1 waterproof antifouling type; 2; 3 oil type; 4 back type; 5 other type.

if the choice is undeserved, not only in the protection construction can not reach the expected effect, but will make the problem even more serious and complicated:

select a, stone protective agent

1 according to the requirements of the protection of choice:

if the protection goal is to prevent the pan-alkali, rust, generally use the organosilicon stone protective agent can achieve the effect.

if the purpose of protection is a comprehensive waterproof and antifouling ability, general to use organic fluorine stone protective agent to achieve the effect of.

2 according to the stone installation environment selection:

if it is used for outdoor stone protection suggestion choice oily stone protective agent for processing. because oily protectant anti-aging ability is stronger than water, so the service life is longer;

if indoor stone protection in addition to the choice of oily protective agent, can also carry out surface treatment agent selects water stone protection. because indoor environmental impact is less, so the impact on the life of the product is relatively small, water repellant nature price for many customers love.

3 according to the selection and installation process of stone:

the wet paste and grouting stone, general granite suggested the use of hb-g713 to do two times the front and side protection on it ( through national authoritative organization detection ). if you do not rest assured, can use hb-g633 bottom surface protective treatment. the bottom surface protection agent selection should pay attention to the alkali resistance of protective agent, and can not affect the stone and cement bonding fastness. marble wet paste can choose hb-g118, g168, g700, g710, g711, g713 first surface waterproofing treatment, sandstone surface select hb-g700, g168 surface treatment, and then at the bottom surface with hb-g633, g733 waterproof and alkali treatment.

the dry hanging stone, the stone protective agent standard mainly pay attention to waterproof, can choose hb-g118, g168, g710, g711, g713 and other products.

4 if the structure is compact stone, such as spain cream-colored, slate, suggested the use of oily stone protective agent. because the components of solvent penetration strong, can be more deeply into the interior of the stone protection. it should be noted, for the compact structure of the black stone, general protective agent will deepen the color of stone material, should be handled with care; for general stone, oily and aqueous stone protective agent can be selected.

5 if the restaurant, cooking, lane or other easily polluted places, the surface is proposed to enhance the stone surface of the stain resistance of organic fluorine stone protective agent.

6 if it is square, corridor, public places of the stone, the proposed use of hb-g713 oil permeability king in the surface and side do 2~3 times protective treatment. because g713 has the strong ability of penetration, and acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance ability all exceeded the national standard one times above, quality is quite good. if the subway station, underground layer of ground stone, except in the surface and the side surface of hb-g713 well with treatment, should be in the bottom of the hb-g733 stone bottom wang processing.

7 there are a lot of customers like the rough stone surface made of membrane curing treatment, this project suggested the use of film-forming stone protective agent using silicone as raw material, the product of good rigidity, high bonding strength, resistance to ultraviolet light is not easy to yellow; not easily by using acrylic acid as raw material and the bottom surface of the sealant, the main products for the the bottom and the design surface of the seal, on the surface of the stone used often occur peeling and discoloration.

two, the matters needing attention in stone protective agent

1 don't just look at the product specifications, all products have to field test to determine whether or not can be selected by later.

2 selection of the products, not easily by the surface hydrophobicity of by products, surface effects are only temporary, if the removal of surface residues after the test, is the real effect of the products with the.

3 in the selection should pay attention to stone protective agent will not change the stone color after use, the surface residue is easy to remove, whether the impact of light on the stone surface.

4 construction technology is one of the important standards for selecting stone protective agent, process too complex will directly lead to increased costs.

5 enclosed places to carefully selected oily stone protective agent, do not use the protective agent containing benzene solvent. moreover, if the construction space ventilation are sluggish, extremely easy to cause the construction personnel poisoning.

6 smooth stone suggested that do not use of film-forming stone protective agent, because the surface is too smooth will affect the bonding fastness preservative film.

7 pay attention to various versions of different test report. at present, only jc/t973-2005 " natural stone for building decoration protective agent " standard is our country at present only on the quality standard of protective agent. other reference standards are not standards, quality standards than the " architectural decorative natural stone protective agent " low standard.

8 do not blindly pursue low-cost and penny wise and pound foolish, quality first, price of second is the first principle of selection of stone protective agent.

any stone protective agent protection effect is relative, so the selection of the products according to the actual requirements and the effect to make the choice, the correct construction, strengthen the maintenance, in order to achieve the best effect.