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fujian chongwu city: hui female haunts stone city
publishers: webmaster    news source:    release date :2013-3-12
chongwu city in fujian province is located in the southeast coast of the quanzhou bay and meizhou bay protrusion, between, huian county is located 24 kilometers southeast of the chongwu the southern tip of the peninsula, near the taiwan strait, also known as the " lotus island ", was founded in 1387.

chongwu city is china's only remaining a relatively intact ming dynasty stone city.

three of the most distinctive place chongwu city, a stone, two is the coast, three huian women.

towering majestic chongwu city, art beats nature. the stone carving skills, magic magic mountain scenery, customs only smart huidong women, simple and unique folk customs.

hongbo flower as well as all over the peninsula shine beautiful building and colorful art, shown here deep historical and cultural heritage.

there are four shing, a distance of about 500 meters north and south gate, east door distance of about 300 meters. the gate ( 18 ) east, west, north three gates are similar, each with two gates, and built the city, built on the beacon tower gate tower, a, is a south gate and walls, there is a statue of guan gong statue before the walls.

it is said that the japanese shelling the city, the city of guan yu temple, the green dragon crescent blade sweep, shells are shifting fell on the wall beside, then flick, shells back to the pirate ship, then the ship sank kou.

two city gates and now still intact. the hem shade has several small stalls.

the cross street connected with four gates, the streets are composed of a block of stone paved.

the walls are made of white granite blocks into a city wall, 2467 meters long, city high 5 meters, 7 meters high wall, lined the course is two or three layers, 4 meters wide.

the wall a wall plate 1304, arrow window 1300, shed 26, the quartet with barbicans 5, shing mun. in the city of lotus hill heights, also has an observation deck, surrounded by the edge of the city have shed, yukito, piers and external culvert groove, the wall ( 32 ) form a complete military defense system.

the gate to the walk, the outside noise seems to the gates of the city, street was strangely quiet.

the ancient city of the old street is uniform stone street, street on both sides is simple dwellings, ishi boko, the red brick house, wooden structure houses are not too much decoration.

chongwu city huian is one of the main female area famous.

they wore a yellow bamboo hat, dressed in white small floral scarf, her cheeks jaw, wearing a blue diagonal cardigans, short and narrow, exposed belly, waist peja silver belt, wearing large elegant low-slung black pants, with the exquisite gorgeous headdress.

this national unique dress occasionally ran into the line of sight in the chongwu, because hui women are everywhere.

chongwu coast are called the " china is one of the eight most beautiful coast line ", not far from the ancient city of chongwu.