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pay attention to the maintenance of the depth of the stone industry
publishers: webmaster    news source:    release date :2013-3-12
if you go to the chang'an avenue is located in the wangfujing to cross dongdan building " oriental plaza ", you will be attracted by its style design from shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, apartments, and for which both wall or ground stone decoration, from the surface it is difficult to see it in beijing city, use this overload browsing the rate has gone through the course of more than ten years.

that 's new, we visited the oriental plaza, the relevant responsible person, to understand the importance of stone in the stone application process. it is understood, the oriental plaza for renovation of decorative stone surface and maintenance, is extremely important and extremely frequent.

stone after stone production links, stone sales of all in one service system, but most of the current domestic stone enterprises (except for stone conservation professional company ) will be devoted to the production and sales process, because one can imagine, maintenance of non direct profit link, it cannot bring the most direct benefits to the enterprise. however, at present china's stone industry, production technology and sales prices are in their own advantages have been or are among the international market, with a certain competitiveness, we how to strengthen our international awareness, how much more the last step? we must go back to do our thing!

with the continuous development of stone care industry and perfect, this emerging industry is full of vitality and development opportunities. development of stone care industry represents the improvement and progress of stone industry in china after sale service, also represents the architectural decoration industry stone application technology quality and grade of promotion, promote clean, stone care services to improve the property industry. the stone application many problems for the majority of domestic and foreign stone user, enhances the stone material value and decorative effect, prolong the service life of the stone, saves stone this natural non-renewable resources, is the country of the industry.

as with stone production technology, the development of foreign stone brand much earlier than the domestic, but our product is not backward, we also established on the basis of independent research and development, quality and stability. in addition, for the maintenance of domestic market, we also have obvious "climate, geography, and ", foreign products like " sell medicine " at home, sometimes encounter special problems can not be solved, and our technical staff can communicate with customers directly, go to the scene to guide, compared according to new products, new the problem under study, we are more like to doctor.

at present, our country has established a number of stone maintenance technology training center in the region, and for the new products and new problems appear in the development of stone decoration, the problems resolved in a timely manner. as far as possible to make the stone users get fast, convenient, comprehensive services, this advantage is unmatched by other people.

therefore, follow the international situation, start from our side, technology and service concept, to the maintenance of stone, will be china's stone industry innovation an important engineering link high.