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construction machinery, construction machinery, concrete equipment exhibition
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[ market ]

with the rapid development of the western development gradually entering blissful circumstances, industry, the development of chongqing has entered a new stage, puts forward new requirements for energy, transportation and other city functions. along with the ten big city area development project and eight infrastructure projects a powerful drive, " twelfth five-year plan period the scale of investment will reach 183000000 yuan ", which will provide a broad market space for the engineering machinery industry.

in order to exchanges and cooperation in the engineering machinery industry to build a good platform, provide promotional opportunities for promotion and application of new technology in engineering machinery equipment, second session of the 2013 china chongqing engineering machinery, construction machinery, concrete equipment exhibition " will be for both sides of supply and demand to build a platform of cooperation and communication, the spirit of promoting the development of the industry, improve the construction enterprises in the construction level, to provide services for the engineering machinery enterprise efficiency, through product demonstrations, technical communication, industry seminars and other forms, and make due contributions to speed up infrastructure construction projects in chongqing city.

[ ] the last review

the last event attracted wittgen machinery, lynx, the strong heavy, roadway engineering machinery, henan yilong machinery, chongqing kuntai technology, china railway eight bureau, chongqing foreign construction, chongqing construction group, chongqing bridge, the chongqing urban construction group, more than 230 exhibitors, more than 8000 square meters exhibition area, 15615 overall satisfaction with the audience and the 90% victory.

we rain new exhibition innovation mode, the chongqing construction machinery exhibition and chongqing municipal fair held in the same period, realize the effective use of resources to maximize the integration of resources, and achieved good results, we will forward to the " continuous innovation, service, and strive to customer benefit maximization " exhibition concept, build industry exchanges and cooperation and sales procurement platform. 2013 chongqing construction machinery exhibition will be 10000 square meters exhibition area, more than 300 enterprises exhibitors, 20000 the size of the audience for the largest construction machinery exhibition position in western regions.

[ understanding ] rain

the new exhibition is in the western region of the first use of " efficient organization of call center intelligent crm system of exhibitors and professional audience " exhibition company, the exhibition by 10 professional customer call center service team, composed of 6 people, professional international marketing team, will improve more perfect service for customers. the new exhibition co. ltd. by virtue of its own strong resources power-and-power union industry resources, took 2 years to integrate chongqing, sichuan, guizhou, yunnan, hunan, hubei and other provinces 50000 mechanical engineering field channels and direct user resource, call centers with sub-regional, classification don't directed the implementation of efficient invited participants. in the audience during the process of heavy launch " business matching " and " invited buyers " activities, which is bound to strengthen trade exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, to lay a solid foundation for the exhibitors effect.

[ ] display content

construction machinery

engineering vehicle, earthmoving machinery, road construction and maintenance equipment, pipeline and cable laying equipment and tools, lifting and transport equipment, construction equipment, tools and special system, concrete and mortar in site processing and processing, template and scaffold, site facilities

raw material production and processing

raw materials mining mineral processing equipment, material handling equipment, machinery

building materials machinery

cement, lime and gypsum as the base material of building component for complete sets of equipment and machinery, concrete, precast concrete products and production equipment, asphalt production machinery and equipment, dry mortar, mortar, mortar, building materials supermarket products production equipment, calcareous sandstone and production with plant ash waste building materials production equipment, building materials processing and packaging

parts and service provider transmission engineering, fluid technology and generating units, accessories and wear-resistant parts, testing equipment, control system and software, communications and navigation, construction safety.

[ ] the exhibition highlights

◆invited buyers: china merchants ( buyer) in the ( both exhibitors ), synchronous start, the supply and demand sides show before the appointment, paired together; will make your exhibition more efficiency and profit.

◆business matching : the exhibitors matchmaking, exhibition meeting, exhibition tracking mode, help channel operators find more valuable products, to help exhibitors to come into contact with more strength and integrity of the channel to improve the successful rate of cooperation between the two sides.

◆the invitation, to ensure that the exhibition effect: by phone, fax, e-mail, sms and key customers to visit and other forms of invitation. and the vip audience show subsidies to the oil fee, free accommodation for value-added services.

◆variety of propaganda, to ensure the quality of excellence exhibition: strong global media network, hundreds of the authority of the media team through the carpet propaganda omni-directional, multi-level.

seminar and forum:◆industry through the analysis of the long-term research and market demands of exhibitors, the exhibition will produce all kinds of forums and activities related to the end user, please pay attention to!

◆free venue: the government, associations relevant agencies and enterprises in the session held procurement information conference, product promotion, technical exchange, provide free room ( matches co., full .);